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The IFS success strategy is critical in providing exceptional service to our business partners. Safety, Supervision and Security are the the building blocks. There are 7 areas that we focus on to provide this level of service.


Understanding regulations and safe work practices.

  • Taking responsibility for keeping a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Following a system for organizing safety and health efforts.
  • Knowing the laws and regulations for the work we do.
  • Address specific workplace hazards and having regular safety meetings.
  • Create a safety culture and open communication.
  • Defer to OSHA regulations.

Working Relationship

Making sure our employees work well with our client and their employees.

  • State clear objectives when working with client’s employees and understanding their workplace dynamic and needs involving our service.
  • We develop a strategic plan that embraces all levels of the client’s organization.
  • IFS provides clear direction to our employees and we enforce this behavior.
  • Create a culture with our clients where we are all part of the same team.

Professional Personnel

Presenting a professional, acceptable appearance, and displaying good conduct on customer’s site.

  • Ethical Business Practices: We conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and maintain the highest standards of ethical business conduct and integrity. We protect the confidentiality and privacy of confidential employee, customer, shareholder, proprietary and third-party information and records.
  • Business Conduct: IFS deals fairly with others and we maintain professional relationships through an effective and courteous working environment. We strive to conduct our personal affairs (including our financial affairs) in a responsible and prudent manner.
  • Protecting Client Property: We do this by operating in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We properly maintain, utilize and protect property belonging to our clients and use their property in an appropriate manner for legitimate business purposes.
  • This code of business conduct applies to all IFS employees. Violations are handled quickly and effectively.


We strive to demonstrate continual improvement through better cleaning technology and processes.

  • IFS continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology through our membership with Building Service Contractors Association International.
  • The use of online technology is available to our clients and used by our staff to increase the efficiency and standards for the services we provide.
  • On-going training for our supervisors, managers and employees help to deliver a superior service based on accountability.


Responding quickly and taking a pro-active approach to all requests.

  • Our team approach is designed to ensure the prompt and efficient delivery of quality services to our clients. This also ensures effective recovery from any service-related issues that may arise.
  • Our teams display strong communication and effective problem-solving skills.
  • Our service requires a thorough understanding of the needs and perspectives of our clients: What is important to them and what are their expectations in terms of service, product quality, communication and follow-through? The one-on-one feedback we receive from client interaction is critical in meeting their expectations.
  • IFS takes advantage of online and mobile tools to streamline the communication process.

Product & Operation

Maintaining good standards in the workplace and providing optimal performance.

  • Tracking out current Productivity and Utilization. Having an understanding of how our employees are currently spending their time, and what proportion is spent on productive activities.  
  • Defining the status of the different activities performed by our employees will provide an additional level of analysis and how this impacts the delivery of our projects and services. 
  • Improved Planning: Planning and scheduling helps to balance our resources. We identify poorly-utilized resources upfront as well as identify future skills shortages and training requirements which will all have a positive affect on future productivity and utilization.  
  • Managing client expectations by ensuring that everyone involved in the product and service delivery process has a clear understanding of the scope, risks, deliverables and acceptance criteria associated.
  • Encourage Collaboration: We maximize productivity by creating an environment where our team members can easily share knowledge, ideas and lessons learned with our client’s team.

Value for Investment

Providing cost-effective solutions and exceptional value for the services we provide.

  • IFS provides cost-effective solutions so our clients know exactly what they are paying for.
  • Understanding the marketplace and fee structures help our clients see optimum performance.
  • Understanding our client’s needs and expectations helps us offer multiple solutions so operational needs and budgets are being met.
  • IFS provides a fair price for the services we provide and we are able to explain this intelligently to our clients.

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